Cognitive Hygiene


We are unaware of the vast majority of our behaviours and thought processes. Our perception that we are in control is a carefully maintained self-delusion that is integral to the healthy functioning of our minds. In fact, our deliberate minds are tremendously adept post-hoc rationalisers always ready to ‘explain’ the ‘reasons’ behind that action that is clearly at odds with our stated goals and objectives.

Cognitive Hygiene is Lensquare’s sustained intervention aimed at XXXXX

There are three parts to Cognitive Hygiene. The one relevant to our discussion on Wednesday revolves around raising awareness of our automatic behaviours (i.e. habits) and determining whether or not they are helping or hindering us in the pursuit of our life goals. The other two, which we will discuss in time if necessary, are metacognitive ability (i.e. the skill to assess critically our own thoughts, emotions and mental images) and epistemic rationality (i.e. our ability to evaluate the quality of our inner model of the world as it pertains to relevant areas).