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An engagement with Lensquare can take many different shapes.

Strategic Decision Making Support

Lensquare Decision Making Support is an intensive intervention. It consists of six structured conversations within 4 to16 weeks  designed to help Senior Executives and Board Members tackle unusually complex and highly impactful business decisions.

LDMS aims to optimise your decision-making process by:

  • defining your ultimate strategic objective within a strict cost-benefit and risk-reward framework
  • challenging your assumptions to help you sidestep cognitive biases and thinking errors
  • helping you integrate emotions and intuitions into your rational thinking
  • assessing whether you are answering the right questions rather than the easy ones
  • providing counterbalance as you alternate between creativity and critical thinking

Lensquare Coaching can help you make better decisions faster and more efficiently.

Cognitive Hygiene

Our unconscious minds are in charge of our most precious resources: time and attention. Aligning our habits and thought patterns with our strategic objectives is an essential component of optimal performance in business and in life.

Cognitive Hygiene is an ongoing engagement of purposeful conversations  designed to help you get a handle on your automatic thoughts and habitual behaviours by:

  • establishing clear strategic objectives
  • assessing the alignment of current behaviour and cognitive patterns with these objectives
  • developing your ability to evaluate your own thoughts and emotions before acting on them
  • helping you introduce better habits and thought patterns

Lensquare Coaching can bolster your productivity

Team integration

Assembling a team of high-performing individuals is hard work; making it work synergistically to achieve its full potential is much harder.  

Lensquare Team Integration is a bespoke series of group and individual conversations that will help your players coalesce into the all-star team they can be by:

  • enhancing listening and debating skills 
  • introducing techniques to prevent and tackle collective biases and errors
  • fostering team cohesion ("we are all in this together") and coherence ("we all pull in the same direction")
  • raising team members’ awareness of their own emotional and cognitive processes
  • Helping team leaders understand hierarchy and power, and their influence on information flow and idea generation

Lensquare Coaching can help you address the bottlenecks holding your team back. 


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