Strategic Decision-Making Support


Strategic decisions are those that are bound to have a profound impact on your organisation, your career, your family and ultimately your life. They deserve and demand the deployment of your full cognitive capacity.

Focusing can be a fraught and difficult task. Emotions, cognitive biases, inadequate heuristics, stress and fatigue can short-circuit the thinking process and trip you into taking the path of least resistance towards the most obvious solution, which is seldom the optimal one. This is why intelligence and rationality do not amount to the same thing; smart people make silly mistakes not because of lack of brainpower but because they fail to think matters through properly in the first place.

Lensquare’s Strategic Decision-Making Support is a catalytic and intensive intervention that lowers the energy requirement of utilising your full cognitive capacity in tackling intellectual challenges.  Your Lensquare Coach will:

1.     Encourage you to stay focused, thus avoiding leakage of cognitive resources on digressions and distractions.

2.     Challenge assumptions and provide an alternative point of view that will allow you to recognise and sidestep potential cognitive biases and blind spots.

3.     Help you navigate the fine line between creativity and critical thinking as you design and simulate potential alternatives.

4.     Assess the risk-reward profile of different alternatives, as well as their rationality in light of your and your organisation’s stated goals and values. 

Strategic Decision-Making Support will help you make better decisions faster, act with conviction and get buy-in from your stakeholders.